write my paper free online As a Freight Broker you must be aware of not just when a specific demand skyrockets, but why it skyrocketed in the first place. In the past few months, several load boards and freight brokers noticed an increasing demand for flatbeds. Let us look at the reasons behind this increase.

Oil, Natural Gas, and Plastics

These products are interrelated, and that relationship contributes to the high demand for flatbeds, especially along the Gulf Coast. Natural gas is a by-product of the fracking/oil production process, and until recently, low domestic prices and a lack of proper infrastructure often meant that the gas is flared off.

The difference between domestic and international gas prices creates export opportunities, which has led to new investments in infrastructure. Now there is a push to capture a higher percentage of the gas, and changing it to a liquid form (LNG) reduces its volume 600 times, making it easier to transport by road, rail, or ship.

Wind Energy

http://calpoly.lambdaphiepsilon.com/buy-gta-4-windows-7/ Apart from fuels, wind energy is another energy source that is boosting flatbed demand. The United States now has more than 50, 0000 operating wind turbines all around the country. A utility grade turbine has more than 8000 parts, and while some of them are small enough, the large parts of the turbines – like blades, towers, and turbines – require flatbeds for transport.

get link Construction

Construction has always been a major source of flatbed freight, especially for the delivery of construction materials such as lumber, steel, and cement. The contributors for this demand include residential and commercial construction as well as state and federal infrastructure projects. The U.S. Census Bureau saw an increase in both the demand and sales of single family homes, which further increases the demand for flatbeds to transport construction materials.

http://www.osteriaripasso.it/help-with-my-science-homework/ help with my science homework Automotive

The sales of new cars and light trucks had been steadily increasing as well. The automotive industry looks upon flatbeds for the transportation of both parts and the finished vehicles. The trend is expected to increase each year as more and more people have access to cars due to several low cost plans offered by several dealerships

Order Cheap Term Paper Conclusion

Knowing about the factors that affect the supply and demand of your chosen carriers before the changes actually occur will give you a definitive edge in the industry, as it allows you to predict what the market needs so you can act accordingly.