here Snowstorms are dreaded by anyone involved in the logistics industry. Five feet of snow and subfreezing temperatures can cause delays, which is detrimental to the industry. A snowstorm can paralyze broad sections of the country, causing a traditional slow season for freight. And since freight volume is significantly higher and the capacity is unable to keep up with the increased demand, a major snowstorm could spell doom to some freight brokers.

How do we keep up business when such acts of god delay our freights? Here are four ways we can find capacity even when extreme weather removes the majority off the road:

  1. Check your TMS – your Transportation Management Software is a vital item to have in such situations, as it allows you to see which carriers are currently hauling cargo for your company. It can show you if you have a truck that is currently going back to their original location and is going to pass through or near a current load that you have. If not, it can connect you to another reliable carrier that has a successful record and is available.
  2. enter Think locally – During such catastrophic acts of god, the chance of working with an unfamiliar carrier increases. If have a shipper is in need of your services, search for carriers who are based on the same area of origin. Those companies are likely to need loads to get their drivers back home.
  3. click Reach Drivers on the Road – post your loads with the intention of targeting drivers who are currently checking for return loads. These drivers do not sit on a desk during the day. Instead, they browse through all available channels to get that coveted return load.
  4. watch Post Your Rate Along with Your Load – though uncommon in normal circumstances, dire situations call for drastic measures. Nothing can get a carrier’s attention more than a good rate per mile, and that competitive rate being on the title of your post will be an edge in attracting carriers towards your post rather than that of your competition.

Don’t forget, your business depends on your creativity and resourcefulness. Don’t let weather cut into your profits.