follow As in any other businesses, several rules and regulations passed by congress can either open doors to new opportunities or hinder those already existing. As a freight broker, being aware to such changes is crucial, no matter how major or minor those regulations may seem to be.

follow site Below are a few recent changes in existing policies and regulations that apply to your business as a freight broker. New Food Safety Regulation

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laid down new rules regarding food shipping in order to keep the food safe from contamination during transport. This new regulation applies to brokers, carriers and shippers. This regulation defined brokers as shippers as well, and they now share the responsibility of ensuring food safety during transportation. Large companies were required to comply by April 6, so if you are acquainted with a major shipping company and plans to partner with them for food freight, then verify that the carrier had complied with this new regulation.

follow site The Postponing of the Safety Fitness Determination (SFD)

The decision to shelve the Safety Fitness Determination by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a big blow to us working in the freight brokerage business. The successful passing of the SFD would have been a great boost in the brokerage business, and you as a broker would have had a clear guideline on determining a carrier’s potential risk. So until the FMCSA decides to fully implement the SFD, be extra careful in choosing your carriers, as you can now be held liable for damages similar to that of the C.H. Robinson case if the jury finds you negligent in choosing your carriers.

Phd Dissertation Assistance Zakaria The Scrapping of the 2013 Hours-of-service Rules

enter site Unlike the former, this news is a definite boon on your freight broker business. The restrictive hours-of-restart that were initiated back in July 2013 and put on hold in 2014 are now completely scrapped. The elimination of the rules that stated that a truck driver’s restart must include two rest periods will now ensure a faster delivery of your shipper’s cargo. A definitive cause for this action is that industry analysts estimated that the rules caused a 3-5% productivity loss during its implementation.