Research Paper Order Exhibits If you plan on being a successful freight broker, you definitely need to find a program that will help you manage your freight brokerage business. But before you go and splurge $5000 on software, take note that most successful brokers in the business have considered several factors in choosing their software. Other than price, these brokers considered the software’s effectivity in managing their customer’s freight, invoicing their customers, and paying their carriers.

follow link The software that would fit your business depends on your specific needs and your budget. Some chose to have software tailor-made for them while others chose among the several options available on the market. Today, there are dozens of different Transportation Management Software that can streamline your operations and improve the overall management of your business.

The majority of freight brokerage software allows brokers to easily enter loads, source and qualify their carriers, dispatch drivers, invoice customers, and pay carriers.Different programs offer different levels of service and overall usability. Here are five of the best dispatch software currently available on the market:

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Load Pilot Load Pilot is an online freight brokering platform that allows you to easily quote, book, organize, and manage all of your loads. It is designed by brokers for brokers, and gives you a powerful and straightforward brokering management system. It is a subscription-based system, which means that you don’t need to buy anything, install anything, or pay any monthly updates. Since it is a cloud-based software, it allows you to work from any computer no matter where you decide to work.

Strategy Live

Strategy Live offers a freight broker software whose features includes load entry, print brokerage confirmations, billing, payroll, mapping, online shipment tracking and online preferred carrier interface. It provides a broker board where all of your loads are shown, including data about your carrier’s, customers, pickup and delivery information.

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Aljex Software

Aljex Software is also cloud-based. Aljex provides free upgrades to its subscribers, for data protection and data backups. This software features a billing tool for effortless invoicing; a carrier portal that shows completed scheduled payments, service ratings, and other important information; automatic notifications for available loads, status reports and API information via Email, fax, SMS, and through their phone app.

ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch offers a variety of features in their software such as customizable load confirmation and carrier payables, a direct link to the Truckstop load board for quicker access to potential clients, a seamless integration to QuickBooks, a document generator for rate confirmations and BOL documents that will include your own logo on the paper, unlimited file storage for any additional information or third party documents, instant driver messaging for a seamless relay of information, a sales manager for sending quotes to customers and prospects, and private labeling, which replaces the ITS logo with your logo on any document for a more proprietary look.
Arc Freight

Arc Freight is a software that can help you enhance a d simplify all aspects of your freight brokerage business through a variety of tools such as Sales, which automatically commission’s calculations for sales staff and creates sales and performance reports; Dispatch, which is a comprehensive, easy to search database of all your shipping history and current contracts; Billing, which automatically generates invoices and work orders; Accounting, which exports accounts and posts invoices to the accounting package of your choice; and Business Management, an extensive contract manager, which also acts as a one source database for all of your brokerage’s information.

Other freight management software can be found on the market. Take your time in choosing the perfect software and see your business grow.