go site The best way to become a competitive freight broker is to minimize your costs by being smart with your spending while also maximizing your earnings by being as productive as possible. There are routines that improve productivity and those that hurt it. Here are the top 5 most detrimental habits to a freight broker’s productivity.

go here 1. Procrastinating with Important Tasks

go here The most important tasks in a freight broker’s day usually need the most effort. For this reason, many brokers are tempted to delay doing them in favor of doing the lighter tasks. This is counterproductive as humans have a limited amount of willpower. We can only stay focused for a limited amount of time. Not doing the important tasks until later in your day will make you prone to errors and you will also be likely to do a subpar job. List down all the tasks that need to be done each day and rank them according to importance. You can then complete each task one at a time starting with the most important ones.

2. Spending Too Much Time Checking Emails

Some people can’t help themselves when it comes to personal emails. The moment they receive a notification about getting a new email, they stop whatever it is they are doing to check who it is from and then read the message. These people are likely to spend hours checking emails without realizing it. These are hours of valuable time that you could have spent doing other more productive activities. Close your email and turn off your email notifications. Create a schedule for checking emails, preferably three times a day – once in the morning right before you start your workday, once during lunch break, and once more in the afternoon before you end your workday.

go to site 3. Multi-tasking

see The ability to multi-task is a rare gift. Studies show that less than 2% of the planet’s population can multi-task without losing focus. For the 98% of us, doing one task at a time is still ideal. Splitting your focus among different tasks will you take longer to complete each task and the quality of your work will suffer. You will also become more prone to making mistakes. Prioritize your tasks and do them one at a time. Putting 100% of your concentration on one task ensures you can give your all into doing that task the best way that you can.

http://www.wonderlandparty.it/philosophy-essay-helper/ 4. Having Too Many Meetings

Many brokers waste significant amounts of time holding unnecessary meetings on a daily basis. All participants have to go to the meeting room and sometimes it isn’t even clear what the meeting is about. Cut down on meetings and hold only a maximum of one meeting per day. And just do it using online collaboration tools such as Skype so that nobody needs to leave their desk. Plan each meeting and have a list of topics that need to be discussed beforehand.

5. Being a Perfectionist

Some beginner freight brokers are too afraid to make a mistake they don’t get anything done. Always remember that progress trumps perfection. Even if you make a mistake, it will at least teach you a thing or two so you can do better next time. If something needs to be done and you are doubtful whether you can do it or not, just go for it. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t move forward.

Avoid these 5 bad habits and your freight brokerage business will be more productive.