Carriers are covered and represented by several trade associations such as the American Trucking Association and the Competitive Carriers Association, but how about freight brokers and 3PL’s? Who is there to help them get started, keep critical information rolling, and look out for their best interests?

If you are planning on becoming a freight broker or have just started in the industry, then you need to know about the Transportation Intermediaries Association or TIA.

They look out for new members, especially those who are new to the industry as well as helping them find sample For almost 40 years, TIA has been meeting the needs of freight brokers, forwarders, and intermediaries, no matter how large or small the company is. contracts, educational webinars, and the Certified Transportation Broker Program. As for experienced members, they are kept updated to several key industry issues, emerging trends, and recent data and statistics through several publications. All members benefit from TIA’s advocacy efforts to protect the interests of brokers.

Exclusive benefits of TIA members are as follows:

  • TIA Watchdog – TIA’s own fraud prevention website, providing members the ability to warn each other of shady and problem carriers.
  • Model Contracts – TIA provides you with ready-to-use contracts, written and reviewed by a team of transportation attorneys.
  • TIA Frameworks – Expert-created guidelines to help you improve your business practices and make the right call in tough situations. Topics include Carrier Selection, Cargo Claims, Combating Fraud, Government Freight, and more.
  • TIA Logistics Publications – Members-only weekly and monthly newsletters with exclusive articles and insights to keep you up to date on industry trends.
  • Advocacy – TIA’s Government Affairs team advocates to Congress and federal agencies on issues and regulations affecting your business.
  • TIA Education – TIA offers discounted rates on courses and seminars offered online, with courses on Temperature Control Transport, Partnership Selling, Certified Transportation Broker (CTB), and more.