source site It doesn’t matter what your business is. Your reputation remains your most important asset. For a freight broker, a good reputation is something that takes years to build and maintain, yet only takes a moment to be ruined immediately, especially with the advent of the internet age and of social media. homework help percentages The internet never forgets. No matter how much you bloat the information, hoping to bury it, it will still be there, and, one way or another, it will haunt your company for the rest of its existence. Therefore, in order to keep such situations from emerging and at the same time build your online reputation, follow these four best practices in building your online reputation:

  1. Collect at least ten reviews. Having several reviews establishes your credentials. A good review will enhance any claims that you have on your website or on your social
    media pages. It is also good if you gain new reviews daily, as it establishes that you are an active player in the market. Being active attracts future clients and builds trust among carriers.
  2. enter The most recent reviews should be positive. Having several positive reviews outnumber the negative reviews will increase trust among your clients and carriers, as most people abide by the majority. To do so, send an auto-generated email to each carrier you work with after each transaction. The email should ask if they are happy with the experience. If they respond negatively, offer to solve any mishaps immediately.
  3. Respond appropriately to any negative reviews and comments. You can’t please everyone, and there will always be someone who will not like your service. If they ever leave a negative review, your response should be paramount. Do not reply back, and resist the temptation to fight back. Take the high road and resolve the issue online. Remember, your clients, your carriers, and your competitors are watching you, waiting for you to make a mistake.
  4. Know your online reputation. Always check your company profile, social media profiles, and email campaigns to see what others are saying about your company, especially those that you have worked with. These words matter the most, as they are the ones who have first-hand experience working with you, and thus are the most reliable to a stranger’s eyes.