If you are still in the early days of your brokerage, then getting new clients will be a tough and stressful experience for you. Some new brokers are aloof when it comes to load boards, either because they find them overwhelming or too difficult to use.

If you are an inexperienced broker when it comes to load boards, you can use DAT’s new Power Load Board.

DAT Power is a new, web-based version that set the standard among load boards when it was launched – it delivers faster results, reduces clicks and keystrokes, and offers a history that delivers your previous actions, letting you do more in lesser time. The reduced clicks and keystrokes mean that navigating it is simpler.

While some load boards refresh their postings every 60 seconds, truck searches and load posts on DAT Power appear instantaneously. That means if you’re competing with other brokers to cover a load, you can be taking calls from carriers before your competition’s loads ever appear on other load boards.

The new web-based version means that you can check the load board on-the-go and on any computer – even Macs, anytime anywhere.

Here are some of the key benefits of the new DAT Power:

  • Post loads faster – There are fewer fields to fill out, along with auto-suggestions as the user types. Managing multiple postings is easy with batch actions like refresh and rollover.

  • Search for trucks faster – While some load boards refresh their postings every 60 seconds, new results on DAT Power appear instantly. A filter panel enables users to quickly expand or narrow results. DAT Power learns user preferences for each lane.
  • Fewer screens to open – DAT Power displays more information on the search results page, reducing the need to open new windows to view critical information.
  • Access from any computer – DAT Power is now web-based rather than downloaded to a computer. You can access it from any computer as long as there is internet access.