Argumentative Essay About Deforestation If your business works primarily on the West Coast, or deals in produce, then California’s weather is sure to impact your business one way or another. Since California supplies nearly 50% of the nation’s produce and has been called “the nation’s bread basket”, it is vital for you to understand its impact on your business.

source The demand for reefers is large in California, and as the demand for reefers increases, the demand for van capacity increases as well, as reefers often haul van freight in the slow season until they are pulled away by the increased demand and prices of refrigerated freight.

click In regard to this, weather affects both the availability and prices of carriers in California.

The state has suffered 5 years of drought before it finally ended earlier this year. Though the end of the drought ensured that the common problems incurred in hot weather are at their end, you should not be complacent about them. The rains may bring something that may greatly impact your profit: Floods.

The heavy rains experienced in January and February, and though long-awaited, aren’t worth celebrating. The heavy rains filled several reservoirs, but some of them were still full and were forced to release water downstream, causing floods. The infamous Oroville Dam and its faulty spillway led to the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people and flooded several highways throughout the state. Floods aren’t the only thing causing delays to your shipments. Shippers are unable to have their load prepared like they used to during the drought because the heavy rains delayed the harvests. This delays cut into your profits as you are forced to look for other loads to ship instead of the ones you’ve already built a relationship with.

source site However, a conclusion is yet to be drawn regarding its total impact as California’s peak season is still currently underway. Depending on the total outcome of the produce industry, the current situation may be a boon or bane, and us brokers needs to lean on this particular experience to prepare accordingly for the years to come.