Things About ELD Freight Brokers Should Know


If asked if they know what ELD means, most brokers will shake their heads in confusion. This may be the first time you have heard the term as well. ELD stands for Electronic Logging Devices. These devices are used by truckers to keep track of where they go and stop en route to their destination.

So what does ELD have to do with you?

1. ELDs cause a lack of flexibility in driver Hours of Service, so trucks can’t always move as far in any given day. This is because of the regulations that are included with the use of ELDs. It can contribute to the already tightening capacity and could mean that trucks may not be available when you need it. Longer hauls will be less desirable, and hauls of 500 or more miles will not be able to make next-day delivery commitments. Two of the main reasons are parking and detention.

a. Parking: Drivers won’t be able to fudge their logs, so they’ll be more likely to shut down early to find parking before they run out of hours. This means that drivers will take more time more than normal to deliver a load.

b. Detention: Any delay at the loading dock will jeopardize the next appointment. This costs the carrier even more since drivers’ hours can’t be extended. In order to accommodate this loss, carriers will be forced to increase their prices to cover the extra expense.

2. Once the ELDs are installed, there will be no more secrets. Electronic logs can’t be altered. Those same drivers will not be able to make up the time, so they have no choice but to raise their rates. It’s the only way for them to make more money in a given day.

How do then we adapt to these situations?

1. Set customers’ expectations – Setting your customers’ expectations correctly regarding the price and ETA will be much helpful. Work with them to price and schedule freight moves that will work with ELDs. Learn everything you can about every load, and communicate openly and honestly with carriers. This is always good.

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