Freight brokerage is an extremely competitive industry. Making the most out of the resources at your disposal is essential for success. Here are the top 5 free only resources a freight broker should be using. 1. The Freight Broker Starter Kit

This 42-page ebook by JW Surety Bonds is a step-by-step guide to becoming a successful freight broker. It contains vast amounts of juicy information that will prove useful to both beginners and experienced members of the freight industry. It provides a detailed layout on how to become a freight broker and start your own freight brokerage business. It shows you the different routes you can take so you can choose a path that maximizes your strengths. It provides easy to understand explanations on how to navigate the complex legal requirements of acquiring a professional freight brokerage license.

2. List of Free Freight Broker Training Programs and Courses has ranked and listed the top 8 free online freight brokerage courses an aspiring freight broker can take. None of these courses can be used for accreditation but they will serve as a good preparatory course for when you enroll in an actual licensure preparatory program. These courses are aimed towards teaching you the basics to make your entry into the freight industry easier. Even experienced brokers may learn a thing or two from these courses.

source site 3. 6 Mobile Apps for The Successful Freight Broker

cheap writing bureau If you have access to technology that will make your work more efficient and minimize errors, you should grab it. It today’s modern world, utilizing the latest in technology and innovation makes for a huge competitive advantage. Bryant Surety Bonds, Inc. has listed the 6 most powerful mobile apps a freight broker or freight agent can use to make his/her work faster and easier. The list explains each app in detail along with the benefits that they can provide.

4. Freight Brokerage Business Plan

A business plan is essential to the success of any business. It makes the organization’s goals clear and sets the direction the company should take. BPlans has created a detailed and comprehensive 8-page guide on how to draft a complete freight brokerage business plan. It covers everything from sourcing investment capital and business partners to contingencies for when a disaster or some other form of emergency occurs. It contains numerous strategies that can help you make reliable predictions for your business. 5. Asani Global Blog

Asani Global is the largest freight brokerage and logistics firm in North America. It has built a vibrant community with its message boards and regularly updated blog. It publishes new blog posts about topics relevant to the freight industry and the brokerage profession at least once a week. The blog also occasionally posts downloadable freebies such as ebooks and studies.

Always be on the lookout for free resources. Some of them are just as good if not even better than paid resources.