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General Posting Guidelines

We take pride in keeping the Asani Global online community respectful, enjoyable, and helpful for all members. Please read the following rules and regulations before making your first post.

 Always Start with the Search Box

Unless your problem or situation is really strange or unique, there is a high probability that there is already a thread about it. Use the forum’s search feature to see if there is already an existing discussion about your topic. Just type the topic you want to know more about in the Search Box and press Enter or click Search.

Use Descriptive Thread Titles

Make your thread title specific and straight to the point so people immediately have an idea what you are asking about even before they open your thread. If your question is short enough, you can even make it your thread title. Keep in mind that people commenting on your thread are trying to help you out so don’t snap at them if they misunderstand your question and gave a different reply than what you were expecting.

Forum Rules

1. No Self-promotion and Advertising

Our message boards are not intended to be used for advertising. Our moderators go through each thread and read each post. Any and all posts that are deemed questionable will be edited or deleted immediately. Do not advertise yourself on the forum or link to websites that you own in your posts. You are allowed to promote one website in your signature provided that it is not a referral or affiliate program link. Those who repeatedly post promotional content will be banned permanently.

source site 2. No Copyright-Infringing Material

Please respect intellectual properties. Do not post content that does not belong to you without citing the original source.

3. No Inappropriate Language and Trolling

Our community is friendly and caters to civil discussion. Vulgar language and profanities are strictly prohibited. Posts with any kind of offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate material will be deleted immediately and the poster will receive a warning for the infraction. Pointless threads and comments that contribute nothing to the community will also be subject to deletion. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently.

4. No Personal Attacks

Maintaining a positive atmosphere is important to us. No personal attacks or insults will be tolerated by our moderators. We urge users to maintain composure even in heated arguments. All issues can be resolved through a respectful discussion without delving into personal matters. We encourage debates as long as they are done with mutual respect.

5. Administrators and Moderators Have the Final Word

Any and all complaints about the administration or moderation of the message boards should be directed to the administrators and/or moderators and not to the boards. All threads and posts about such complaints will be subject to deletion. We reserve the right to ban flagrant and repeat offenders when deemed necessary, with or without prior warning.

Asani Global reserves the right to modify the abovementioned community guidelines.

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