How It All Started

http://bluntmax.com/hwc-homeworks/ Finding a successful business has been a long-time dream of Asani Global, LLC founder Adavius Griffin. Problem was, he couldn’t decide which industry he wanted to be a part of. Things changed when he attended a gathering with his family and friends. Two of his friends, who were both truck operators at the time, said that finding good loads was getting a bit dragging. In addition, they claimed that even they could track a good shipment, they would always end up facing various issues in the latter.

follow link Shortly after conversing with them, he then apparently realized that he wanted to enter the freight industry, not as a carrier, but someone who can help the carriers and shippers with their businesses. After sharing a few discussions with some of his acquaintances, who are in the freight brokerage and logistics business, he realized that freight is an industry where business relationship and reputation make or break the business. From there, Asani Global was founded alongside its commitments and goals to deliver good, solid, honest, and reputable service to all our affiliates.

Now that he is sure of what he wants to do, it is time to find people who can join him as he takes this new endeavor. He immediately reached out to his friends who might want to be a part of his dream, which led to the founding of Asani Global team that comprises four members.

follow url They quickly began laying the groundwork, hiring a few more individuals with each step. When it was  already time for the company to show what it has in store and to serve, Adavius Griffin contacted his first prospects and the two truck operators he had a conversation with. They had been offered with the Asani Global’s transportation brokerage services, which they gladly accepted and became the first contracted carriers.

Today, Asani Global employs over 1,000 agents and account executives and is connected with more than 50,000 carriers to serve 15,000 shippers.


To become the most cost-efficient dynamic logistics company in the US. We envision ourselves to have become one of the industry leaders within the next five years. “ We at Asani hope to become the bridge that creates success for both carriers and shippers.

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