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go site Communication is the Key to Successful Freight

follow Quick and easy communication among shippers, brokers, and carriers is vital to successful freight. Proper communication makes it easy to keep things organized. The flow of information should be seamless and all parties involved should have complete access. Our solutions come with a plethora of tools that allow real-time tracking of every facet of the freight. You will have no problems monitoring each stage of the freight process.

see url We also have over 1,000 highly trained agents to provide support to shippers and carriers. Our knowledgeable support staff is always ready to answer your questions and provide you with whatever help you need.
Advanced information and communication technologies are essential to maintaining an efficient and speedy freight transportation network where logistics supply chains cross from mode to mode.

Order College Essays Our solutions make it easy for our partners to monitor traffic and manage carriers as well as tracing the status of loads in real-time. We aim to promote co-modality in North America and establish an all-encompassing freight network. The smaller size and more consolidated structure of our organization make communication easier and making informed decisions faster.

We provide communications solutions that make interactions simple.

get link  For the Shippers

Asani Global provides logistics services and freight brokerage to more than 15,000 shippers, giving them access to our comprehensive transportation network of over 50,000 carriers. Each carrier has undergone extreme vetting to make sure only the best of best become part of our intricate system of local, regional, and national carriers. Our carrier partners are organized by region and trained to the utmost to master their respective specializations. Our freight broker software will allow you to quickly find the right carrier for your needs and track the status of your shipment in real time. We guarantee that your shipment will arrive on time and in pristine condition.

For the Carriers

Join Asani Global’s expansive network of dynamic logistics carriers and gain access to our steadily growing list of loyal shippers. With our dedicated Carrier Sales Team, you will be quickly flooded with truckload shipping requests. We have clients from every major industry be it food beverage, consumer goods, industrial goods, paper, and packaging, etc. Whatever form or mode of freight you specialize in transporting, we will find the right shippers for you. We will provide you the access to advanced freight and logistics technology to help you stay ahead of the game. We believe that helping our carrier partners grow is vital to our own journey towards the next level.

 For the Agents

Our highly trained agents are core to our continuously growing list of shipper clients and the rapid expansion of our network of contracted carriers. The agents are the lifeblood of Asani Global and we make sure they receive constant training so they can persistently advance in the field they’re in. We have a generous agent compensation and care package that rewards agents solely on their performance. We even allow our agents to work from home to minimize their expenses. We take care of our agents because their success also means our success. Let us work together as a family and strive towards mutual prosperity and fulfillment. You are in good hands with Asani.

Technology Should Increase Live Human Interaction, Not Decrease It

Freight carriers and brokerages should not treat communications technology as a substitute for live human interaction. Just because the shipper can track the location of his shipment in real-time it doesn’t mean that there is no need to talk.

Communications technology should instead be used to open up new opportunities for direct, proactive intervention. Let’s say for example, due to an unexpected violent storm the day before the delivery date, you know that making the delivery on time is impossible. Instead of making the recipient wait for a package that won’t come on time, you can inform both the sender and the recipient about the expected delay. This will be better received by both parties than if you had told them about the delay only after you’ve missed the deadline.

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