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Story of an Asani Trucker

I’ve been driving my truck around California operating as a freight carrier under a small LTL shipping business. It was on my third year on the job, on a cold Monday morning, that my boss, a middle-aged guy we simply call Old Man, arranged a meeting with us truckers.

enter site Old Man explained that it’s been getting harder and harder to get loads. The winter snow also isn’t helping. The frequent blizzards are causing delays in our shipments thus damaging the company’s reputation. He also showed us a graph of the business’ earnings and gave details on how revenues have been steadily declining in the past two years. He warned that he will do his best to keep the business going but if the losses become too great, he will be forced to let go of some truckers or even close down the company. One of my fellow truckers suggested that it might be a good idea to look into freight logistics companies and freight brokerage businesses that might help us. After a short discussion, Old Man agreed. He said he’ll check it out. He also asked us to ask our acquaintances in the freight industry about freight brokers that we can trust. He told us to meet again on Wednesday to discuss what we’ve learned.

follow url And so Wednesday came and it was time to brainstorm again. We talked about the subject for about an hour and a half. We talked about the pros and cons of hiring a freight broker and the impact 

ghostwriter imdb such move can have on the business. It was when we starting tackling about which freight brokerage companies to contact that the name Asani Global kept getting mentioned. And so the meeting ended with Old Man saying he’ll get in touch with Asani and hopefully get a trucking and logistics solution that can be implemented next week. And then came Monday, my first day as an Asani trucker. I checked my truckload shipping cargo and I couldn’t believe it. My truck was full. I can’t even remember the last time my truck wasn’t half-empty. And I even had a few pickups waiting for me on the way back.

We were also given access to the Asani Mobile App. Who knew freight broker software could be this amazing? I can use it to check traffic levels on the different routes I can take. It even shows areas where there are ongoing road repairs and more importantly, the roads where the snow was getting too deep. The app gets updated in real-time too. With the help of the app, I was able to make every delivery with ample time to spare. The app also has various tutorials. I read the guides about dynamic logistics, dynamic freight, and dynamic trucking during my breaks.

Just three months after acknowledging the possibility of having to fire truckers or even close down the business, Old Man is now looking for three more truckers to handle the increased load the LTL shipping business is getting. Having a steady inflow of shipment requests even made it possible for Old Man to lower our shipping

rates, making our company more appealing than our competitors.

Old Man’s LTL shipping business has now doubled in size just a year after becoming an Asani Global freight brokerage partner. The Old Man still refers to the partnership as the best decision he has ever made. And for truckers like me, being a freight carrier has never been easier.

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