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get link We at Asani are the bridge that creates success for both carriers and shippers. As the market leader in freight brokerage, we bring lucrative shippers and exemplary carriers together, guaranteeing exceptional results for all parties involved.

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http://bienestar.uniguajira.edu.co/rguhs-thesis-dissertation/ Asani Global is the fastest growing freight brokerage company in North America – Connecting shippers with carriers while
providing both parties with logistics and technological support. We take pride in our ability to connect companies with
products that need to be hauled with qualified carriers that can transport them quickly and securely. Our massive network of
contracted carriers makes it easy for us to find the perfect freight solution for any shipper.

Augmenting Capabilities of Shippers and Carriers

We use our superior technology and deep knowledge of logistics to help shippers find a transportation solution that is tailor-fit to their needs. We are currently serving more than 15,000 clients, granting them access to over 50,000 transportation providers including motor carriers, freight carriers, rail carriers, and ocean carriers. Our freight brokerage software allows real-time tracking of a shipment’s status. We also have more than 5,000 highly trained freight agents and account executives to provide support. And we offer an onboarding procedure on how to become a freight broker even if you have no experience in the freight industry.

Bringing Efficiency to the forefront

Our freight solutions center on efficiency. Efficiency allows carriers to expend less time and fuel on each transport, effectively lowering their freight cost, which in turn allows them to lower the prices of their services. Lower freight prices then allow shippers to hire transport services more frequently which will lead to more loads for carriers. Thus, efficiency helps keep the industry healthy by facilitating the growth of both shippers and carriers. Our solutions promote efficiency by providing carriers with real-time information on the best routes, taking numerous factors into consideration such as traffic, weather, road repairs, and more.

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