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We’re more than your business associate– we treat you as our partner. We provide you with more than a platform– we provide you with growth.

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We connect you to the world.

Allow us to connect you to trusted carriers– allow us to grow your business.

Carrier Advancement

Grow with Us

We have various programs that empower our contract carriers so they can become even better at what they do. We host regular optinal programs where carriers get the chance to showcase their superior capabilities and in return be rewarded for even more freight opportunities.

ASANI Global Solutions

Augment Your Capabilities

We recognize there is more to being a carrier than just picking up and dropping of cargo. We are aware that transportation can be quite complex and we have developed solutions that can simplify it. We have an assortment of online and offline tools that will make your job a lot easier.

Whether you are a Fortune 500-company, an SME, or a brick-and-mortar supply chain store, we’ll help connect you to the world.

ASANI Global doesn’t just fill in the gaps in the freight industry, we stand out to make a difference in the industry. We offer innovative solutions, reliable processes, and competitive rates in the entire region. As one of the growing  freight broker company in the US, we strive to provide exceptional customer care and technical services to address all your shipping needs. We are your friendly, dock-to-door guy!

We provide you with tailored solutions for all your shipping needs!

We don’t just connect carriers to shippers, We connect you to the world.

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