Benefits of Automated Invoicing for a Freight Broker

Invoicing is an important part of freight brokerage, as your profits are directly affected by how well you manage your invoices. Though several freight brokers still use the traditional model of invoicing, the majority of players in the industry choose automated invoicing as their preferred invoicing method. Here are the reasons why automated invoicing is gradually taking the spotlight in the freight brokerage industry:


One of the biggest advantages offered by automated invoicing over traditional invoicing is efficiency. Through automated invoicing, invoices can now be made in bulk over a short period of time, and can be sent automatically to your clients. This process minimizes the amount of time that you and your team will need to spend in creating and sending out invoices. The amount of time saved through automatic invoicing can now be spent in other aspects of your business, thus increasing your business’ overall efficiency.


Invoices generally contain a lot of sensitive information, including your client’s bank details. The safety and security of this information against information frauds is vital in keeping the integrity of your brokerage and the trust of your clients. Traditional invoices made of paper are hard to secure, and the physical movement of the document poses a security threat to both you and your clients. Having a trusted automated invoicing system where the transfer of information is handled through a secure connection with multiple levels of encryption will save your business the shame and regret of losing a client because of mishandled information.

Reduced Costs

Sending invoices through traditional channels is more costly than sending an invoice through the internet. Automate invoicing removed the need for printing, postage, and paper. Though the savings made through automation may seem small at face value, these little savings adds up to a large portion of your profit in the long run, especially when your clients multiply in number from what you have right now.


If your invoices are automated, then you can be sure that they will be sent on time and to the correct recipient. The sooner your clients receive their invoices, the sooner you get paid as well. Being on time with your invoices also shows that you value your client’s time as much as yours, which will take you far in this industry. Clients and customers impressed by your time management skills are more likely to refer you to other potential clients or leave good reviews and testimonials that can attract other customers as well.

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