How a Freight Broker can Save Time and Money with Rendition Billing

Rendition billing saves a freight broker time and money by automating the invoicing process. A freight brokerage business with a decently-sized client base typically needs several people to handle its Accounts Receivable, Billing, Carrier Settlements, Collections, and Bad Debts. With an integrated rendition billing, one person will be enough to handle all of these processes no matter how much your freight business grows.

Streamline Your Billing Process with Rendition Billing

Rendition billing will make the whole billing process quick, simple, and less tedious. All your billing department will need to do is scan all the relevant documents such as Proof of Delivery, Bill of Lading, Confirmation Receipts, etc. and the system will take care of the rest. The system can process any file type used in the billing process such as forms, photos, emails, and spreadsheets.

Scanning and indexing can be done in just one click which minimizes errors. All scanned files are electronically stored and can be displayed on the monitor anytime. When needed, the system can generate a PDF copy of any or all invoices at the click of a mouse.

Rendition billing also comes with a machine learning protocol. Its AI remembers each client’s preferences so the user won’t have to. For example, if a client opts for paperless billing, the system will automatically remove that client from the invoice mailing list and add the client to the invoice e-mailing list.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

You will save hours of manpower each day by adopting a rendition billing system. Your billing staff will no longer have to spend significant amounts of time sorting through invoices, manually separate the ones intended for customers that prefer printed invoices from those intended for customers that prefer emailed invoices, mail and email them, etc.

Purchasing a rendition billing system may be expensive, but you will most likely recoup the acquisition cost within a year through reduced salary expenses. The system also virtually eliminates errors and makes sure invoices are sent on time. This leads to a quicker turnaround for your Accounts Receivables. Most of your billing process also becomes paperless so you’ll even be helping the environment.

Reduced Cost for Clients

All consumers love it when they can cut down on cost. In a traditional billing system, the freight broker emails the Rate Confirmation document to the carrier. The carrier then prints out the document, signs it, and then faxes it back to the broker. This costs the carrier materials and also requires the carrier to have enough fax machines to accommodate the confirmation documents that come with each load. The carrier also needs to have enough manpower to operate those fax machines.

Rendition Billing simplifies the process for the carrier. A rendition billing system is connected to a server that can electronically process fax messages, completely eliminating the need for fax machines. The system automatically attaches a bar code to the document and then matches it with the right load. This can save the carrier thousands of dollars a year in fax machine operation and maintenance costs as well as material expenses.

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