Impact of TIA Key Guide Updates on Freight Brokers

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) updated two of its key publications for freight brokers back in April. These updates reflect FMCSA regulatory changes including the new food safety rules established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As a freight broker, you must remain updated about these changes as they can greatly affect your business. The guide includes:

Carrier Selection Framework

TIA described this publication as “the definitive doctrine on carrier selection.” It was written by a committee composed of subject matter experts in freight brokerage operations, risk management, transport attorneys, and insurance experts. The current version contains several key updates and additions such as:

  • The latest rulemaking surrounds CSA and Safety Fitness Determination that brokers can follow regarding choosing carriers.
  • Defining a broker’s role in arranging transportation of hazardous materials
  • An update of insurance products used by brokers and 3PLs.
  • An overview of the Food Safety Modernization Act established by the FDA.

These updates and additions will definitely affect your selection of carriers and the whole transportation process. Make sure to follow these new instructions to prevent any lawsuits that may be charged against you due to non-compliance.

Model Broker/Carrier Agreement

TIA also updated the sample contract that they offer to brokers who can use it when agreeing to work with a carrier. The updates include:

  • New amendments and language that addresses the new food safety requirements established by the FDA.
  • Sample terms and conditions for temperature-controlled and sealed shipment.

Both of these guides are available for free for TIA Members online by going through their website and signing in to the ‘members only’ section.

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