Freight Brokerage Fundamentals – Internet Load Boards

A freight broker is defined as a middleman who connects a shipper, who needs cargo to be delivered; to a carrier, who delivers the cargo to its designated destination, and earns commissions based on the difference between a shipper’s payment and a carrier’s fees. He connects with a Factoring company to ensure that he would receive payment from the shipper without waiting 30-90 days for the carrier to complete the delivery. This is the process that brokers go through day after day.

But where does a broker find shippers? Flipping through the yellow pages is a good start, and so is visiting potential clients. These, however, are slow and time-consuming, and will make the broker’s business limited. In this age of technology, brokers, shippers, and carriers alike have found a way to connect their businesses faster than any telephone book can offer: the internet load boards.

An internet load board, also known as a freight marketplace or simply a load board, is an online load and truck freight board that many owner-operators choose to find their own loads. Truckers often look for loads and freight postings through their own networking. Load boards, such as DAT, Truckstop, and GetLoaded offers a place where shippers post their load cargo, destination, price, and required equipment. A good broker finds and arranges the best deals between the shippers found in the load boards and the broker’s contact carriers, and can even use more than one carrier for a single shipper.

With today’s technology, load and truck planning could not be any easier as load matching websites allow you to find loads from the comfort of your truck cab via the Internet. Since many load websites allow for free load posting, there is an endless surplus of available truck loads at your fingertips. Here is a list of free load boards that a beginning broker can look through for clients:
Admiral Merchants Motor Freight

  1. AIFP Lumber
  2. Allen Lund Company
  3. American Lumber
  4. Amex Hardwood
  5. Atlantic Logistics
  6. ATS Logistics Sureway
  7. B&B Bedding
  8. BNSF Logistics
  9. Botkin Lumber Co.
  10. Buchanan Hauling & Rigging
  11. Buckeye Pacific
  12. Cardinal Transport
  13. Carroll Fulmer Logistics
  14. Dart Advantage Logistics
  15. DeBoer Transportation
  16. Direct Freight Services
  17. EPES Logistics Services
  18. Erwin Bros Trucking
  19. Forest Commodities Boards Inc.
  20. Fox Lumber
  21. FreightFinder
  22. Frey Farms Produce
  23. FST Logistics
  24. Grassy Creek Lumber
  25. Greenbush Logistics
  26. GTO2000 Transportation Logistics
  27. Harte Hanks Logistics
  28. Hogan Logistics
  29. Interstate 48 Logistics
  30. XPO Logistics (formerly Jacobson Transportation)
  31. JB Hunt
  32. Jerue Logistics
  33. Jones Motor Group
  34. Jones Transport
  35. Knight Brokerage
  36. Landstar
  37. Loadmatch
  38. Logistic Dynamics
  39. M. Miller Trucking
  40. Magic Valley Truck Brokers
  41. Mannings Truck Brokerage
  42. Maverick Transportation
  43. Meadow Lark Agency
  44. Mercer Brokerage
  45. Millar Western
  46. Navigator Direct
  47. NFI Logistics
  48. Northland Express Transport
  49. Oldcastle Logistics
  50. Omaha Track
  51. Online Freight Services
  52. Packard Logistics
  53. PAM Transport loads on their own load board.
  54. Pine Forest Lumber Company
  55. Plants Express LLC
  56. Preprint Logistics Management
  57. Prime Logistics
  58. Quality Transportation Inc.
  59. Quad Express
  60. Quick Transport Solutions
  61. Rainbow Logistics
  62. Reliant Transportation
  63. RMX Logistics
  64. Sammons Trucking
  65. Sherwood Lumber
  66. Shipping Connections Inc.
  67. Shram Brokers
  68. Somerset Logistics
  69. SPI International Transportation
  70. StringFellow Lumber Company
  71. Tennessee Steel Hauler
  72. Top Flight Transportation Inc.
  73. Transcorr National Logistics
  74. Transport Investments Inc.
  75. Trinity Logistics
  76. Trulos Transportation Load Board
  77. US1 Industries
  78. USA Transportation Logistics
  79. US Logistics
  80. Universal Logistics Holdings
  81. VHI Transport
  82. Viking Forest Products
  83. Wastequip Transportation
  84. Werner
  85. Whitewood Transport Inc.
  86. Xpresstrax
  87. Yusen Logistics
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