5 Steps to Integrate Aspects of Work and Life as a Freight Broker


The idea of striking a balance between life and work components becomes appealing to people who seek purpose amid the competitive nature of global economy. In the increasingly digitalization in our lifetime, more and more professionals in different fields of industry yearn to have meaningful engagement in the workplace and in their personal relationships. In fact, the social norm has geared towards not just striking a balance but achieving integration of work and life aspects.

Work-life integration means more flexibility in working conditions to give way to enjoying other life activities. Less rigid structure and less working hours are a few of the steps taken by employers and employees alike toward the radicalization and redefinition of employment and workplace. This shifts the competitive nature of major industries in the United States and in some European countries into more family-friendly and self-validating approach.

Despite its traditional structure and competitive nature, the multi-billion dollar trucking industry is now seeing the light of day. Changes in regulatory policies, technological advancement, business models and approaches, and technical

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