How A Freight Broker Can Find Using Transport Management System

If you are working in the freight industry, then you surely have come across the term “capacity crunch”. A capacity crunch is a situation wherein the number of shippers is extremely greater than the number of carriers, causing some carrier prices to jump through the roof. Though most deny the existence and possibility of a capacity crunch, there are times when you could experience difficulty finding capacity for a load, especially during winter.

Most brokers nowadays diverted from the spreadsheet and word processors era and now uses transport management systems to organize their business. If you are one of those who has a transport management system, your TMS could help you greatly in finding capacity for your loads during a capacity crunch. Here’s how:

  1. Post your loads into several load boards. It doesn’t matter how big or small a load board is. What you want is to reach as many carriers as possible in the least amount of time. Though posting at load boards does not necessarily require a TMS, using one allows you to post your loads with minimal keystrokes and effort; saving you time when you need to cover loads fast.
  2. Use your TMS to search for your carrier history and past capacity. It will provide you with real-time information that your need such as answers to questions like “Which carriers are domiciled at the origin and destination?” and “Who has trucks there now?”
  3. Analyze your TMS Database. It carries all the past transactions you have with all of your carriers, and it can remind you of a particular carrier that you worked well with in the past that you might need now.
  4. Personalize your load lists for all carriers. Create a list that piques the interest of your carriers by including only loads in their preferred lanes and/or service areas.

Though your TMS can resolve such situations, building a solid relationship with your carriers is still the best safeguard against any capacity crunch. If you have a strong relationship with your carriers, some of them may be willing to go the extra mile for you during difficult situations, a favor that they wouldn’t normally give to any broker.

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